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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Leedom Estates

The Leedom Estates

The original Leedom Estates in 1954.  You can see
the beginnings of Ridley Acres in the upper left.

Today's Instant House post explores a neighborhood that I'm all too familiar with--the Leedom Estates of Ridley Park, PA.  My father grew up there, my grandparents still live there, and I taught in the Ridley School District for a few I know a bit about the history of this neighborhood.

The area commonly referred to as "Leedom" is, in actuality, three separate post-WWII assembly-line-style developments--the Leedom Estates, Ridley Acres, and Nassau Village.

Westinghouse had a huge plant in this area of Delaware County (as did Boeing, Sun Ship, Bell Atlantic, etc.) and they needed housing for their workers.  The general flight of people from Southwest Philadelphia wanting something new also helped fuel the housing boom (Levittown, anyone?).  I've wanted to do a video blog for some time, so I thought focusing on a neighborhood I knew well (...all too well....) would help.  See the short videos below on each of the three neighborhoods!  Forgive my DWN (driving while narrating)...and yes, I should have rotated the iPhone horizontally...but that's for next time.

Leedom Estates

Ridley Acres

Nassau Village

Leedom Estates Brochure and Photos

Brochure for the Nantucket (the standard Leedom house).

I like the "check the extras" section.

An early photograph of a Nantucket.

Nassau Swim Club History

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