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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Techbuilt Vacation Homes

Techbuilt Vacation Homes  

More Techbuilt homes in this post.  This time, the Techbuilt Vacation Home line!  Generally, the vacation homes did not differ that greatly from the permanent homes except in one fashion--most of the vacation homes are one story, or are one story with a loft.  They do not, as a rule, follow the Techbuilt custom of a half-basement.  An interesting find can be seen in the specifications of some of the houses--you could specify if you were intending the house for summer or winter usage (see below).  The main difference, of course, was in the amount of insulation.  See below for some notable examples.

This house, the "Northland", is a fairly typical Techbuilt vacation house that retains the Techbuilt look. Below is a front view, floor plan, some interior shots, and a specification sheet.  The spec sheet indicates the "panelized" nature of the Techbuilt house.

The next three--the "Chatham", the "Brewster", and the "Stratton"--all use the same set of specs.  The Swiss Chalet style of the Stratton is a sign of the times--and the only Techbuilt house pictured here to follow Carl Koch's "put an attic on top of a half-basement" doctrine.

I've always like A-Frames (expect a future post about Campbell & Wong's A-Frame "Leisure House"). They were VERY popular in the 1960s, so Techbuilt obviously decided to cash in on their popularity.